WDGC Club Championships are Coming

The WDGC would like to announce the 2011 Club Championships! Saturday, Nov 19th at Murdock Park. The event is free for all current Club members. Players must arrive by 9:30am, Club meeting at 9:45am and a first round tee-off at 10:00am. This year's championship will be a double-elimination match-play format. Here's the deal: Players will be ranked according to their end of the year bag tag numbers with the lowest numbered tags receiving any available first round byes. During each round every player will be paired against another club member in a 6 hole match play competition. When a player loses a match he/she is placed into the losers' bracket. When a player loses a 2nd match he/she is eliminated. If you're unfamiliar with match play: A player scores 1 point for each hole in which they use fewer throws than their opponent (no matter how many strokes he wins the hole by). Neither player scores a point on a hole if they tie that hole. Should competitors be tied after 6 holes they will hold up to 2 playoff holes to determine a winner. If a player wins the first playoff hole the match is over. If there is no winner after the 2 playoff holes a winner will be decided with a single CTP throw. There will be a custom dyed disc from Niced Guy Discs as a prize for this year's Club Champion! There will be about 6 rounds total required to determine a winner with a 30 minute break after the 3rd round so players have some time for lunch (lunch will not be provided so bring your lunch boxes). Get out there for the last Club event of the year and cheer on all the players!

Written by Jeremy.

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